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Benifit of Rabotic Process Automation Course

  • Boost Productivity Across the Board.
  • Improve Efficiency to Generate Savings.
  • Hit Accuracy Goals with Reliable Consistency & Improve Business Data Security.
  • Robots can scale up and down instantly to handle any volume of work.
  • Create a Better Customer Service Experience & Automate in Non-Disruptive Ways.

Strong Points about our Faculty:

  • Our trainers are Industry Experts.
  • Live project Exposure keeps our students happy and stand out unique in competition
  • Student's Friendly Atmosphere

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Rabotic Process Automation Course Content
Rabotic Process Automation Syllabus
  • Basic Of RPA
  • Understand UI-Path Components
  • Basic Of UI-Path Studio ,Assistant ,Orchestrotor and Other stuffs
  • UI-Path Sequence and Flowcharts
  • UI-Path varibles
  • UI-Path Arguments
  • UI-Path control flow activities
  • UI-Path control flow activities
  • Switch case in UI-Path
  • selector in UI-Path with wildcard concepts
  • UI-Path Explorer
  • UI-Path Recording
  • UI-Path Common Ui-properties
  • UI-Path Inputs Methods
  • UI-Path Outputs Methods
  • Debugging in UI-Paths
  • UI-Path Exception Handling
  • Excel Automation in UI-Paths
  • Try/Catch and Finally Exception handling -(system.exceptionhadling)
  • Throw /rethow/Continue Error/Timeout/Delay Before/delay after and many others
  • Summury of basic UI-Path Training

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Per Batch

Naukri /Job Assistance


80% Practical,

20% Theory

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